why us?
quite simply: because we care

The Law Office of Miller & Gaudio
has been providing dedicated legal services to our clients for over 35 years. During this time, we have honed our skills as Family Law Attorneys and learned that taking a reasoned, creative approach to each case allows us to offer the best service to our clients.
Most importantly, we apply certain undeniable maxims to every case:

Family First: A good result will always be in the best interests of the parties’ children. Lose sight of the children, and there are no winners.

Identify Goals:Both parties should be able to identify their respective long-term and short-term goals at the outset of the divorce process. Focusing on the end result at the beginning, makes the process more effective and efficient. Plus—you would be surprised at how often the parties’ goals align!

Be Creative:This is NOT your parent’s divorce nor do we believe in a cookie-cutter mentality. The divorce process should require the parties to consider multiple options before finding the best solution.

In order to keep these truths at the forefront of the process,
we believe that pursuing your case via a Collaborative Divorce or Mediation offers the most efficient resolution with the best long-term success—both financially and emotionally. However, we also recognize that litigation is, at times, inevitable—at which point we are prepared to be your compassionate advocate, while never losing sight of our fundamental tenets.