Divorce Mediation

There are many soundreasons whymediation is a preferred method of resolving your divorce in New Jersey, because, in general, you can expect to achieve an efficient, tailored solution by engaging in mediation — one that you and your spouse determine by working together.

What To Expect During a Session

You and your spouse would engage in mediated discussions to craft solutions that fit your unique situation. You would not need knowledge of the law to take advantage of this process. Willingness to consider various options and alternatives to find the one that best fits each of your needs enables the process to prove successful. Our experienced mediators help explore and develop these options, while steering your conversation towards constructive topics.

How Mediation Attempts To Resolve Conflict

At the Law Office of Miller and Gaudio, P.C., we believe that mediation is often the most efficient and effective way to approach divorce disputes for couples, especially among those who are able to work together openly and honestly. Typically, you and your spouse would realizethat, if you were able to remain at the discussion table, you probably be able to secure the best possible outcome for your family in the shortest amount of time.

When To Use Mediated Discussions

In order of least adversarial to most, the divorce processes are mediation, collaborative divorce, and litigation. Mediation has the potential to be the most efficient, least stressful and least expensive option. Therefore, while mediation may not be the perfect solution for every dispute you might encounter during your divorce, you may want to consider utilizing it to the greatest extent possible. If you are unsure how to proceed, our attorneys are able to help you assess your situation and select the best path forward.

Overall Benefits of Mediation

During a divorce, the result is not the only concern. Your method of reachingthe agreement also matters. Mediation could offer you an opportunity to resolve your disputes quickly, privately and efficiently, thereby benefiting you, your spouse and your entire family. Please call us now at (732) 741-0102 to schedule an initial consultation. Our offices are in Red Bank, NJ, and we serve clients throughout Monmouth County.