At the Law Office of Miller and Gaudio, P.C., our key concept when it comes to ending a marriage is "Divorce Sensibly". To you, this means that you secure detailed, customized, efficientresolutions to disputes without putting undue stress on you, your spouse or your children.

Divorce is an end to your former marriage, but it is also the beginning of a new type of relationship. We understand that you probably want to maintain some continuity from your marriage, preserving your quality of life and providing stability for your children. We are here to help you secure that future to the greatest extent possible.

Create a Divorce You Can Accept

Many of the details regarding how you want to proceed with your divorce are entirely up to you and your spouse, assuming you are able to agree to fair and equitable terms that the court would approve. This includes, but is by no means limited to decisions about:

  •     Parenting and custody plans

  •   College education funding for your children

  •       Payment of Alimony

  •       Payment of Child Support

  •       Division of Brokerage and Retirement accounts

  •       Family businesses

  •       Your family home

 If there are any aspects of your case that you do not feel confident about, or if you have not considered an important topic, our attorneys and our extended network are ready to provide the legal counsel and outside professional support you need. Your case is unique, and it deserves a unique solution. We aim to help you create a lasting, efficient agreement that everyone involved in your divorce can accept.

 Additionally, because you may also have other issues directly or contextually related to your divorce, our full-service firm also provides representation and advice in select areas of the law, such as personal injury, real estate and estate planning.

 Understand All of Your Options

 New Jersey law allows collaborative, mediated and litigated divorce. By working together with your spouse, whether it is through collaborative divorce or mediation, you could have a chance to agree, compromise and plan independently of any judge's input.

 We work together with you — and your spouse, when possible — to achieve these goals. We have the ability to mediate between you and your spouse during negotiations, as well as liaise with other attorneys during a collaborative divorce. We are also prepared to litigate cases in court in the event negotiation does not secure the results you expect.

 We are proud to provide efficient, effective solutions to our clients throughout Monmouth County. To ensure that your divorce results in a creative solution, customized to your unique challenges, please contact us as soon as possible. Call our Red Bank, NJ, office today at (732) 741-0102 to schedule your initial consultation with an experience divorce attorney.