Arbitration--Hiring an Umpire to Resolve Your Case

The final option for pursuing your divorce is another form of Alternative Dispute Resolution:  Arbitration.

Arbitration is a unique process in compared to the other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution because unlike Mediation or Collaborative Divorce, you are divesting yourself of the ability to control the outcome of your case. 

While considered a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration is more like Litigation then the other processes.  The key difference between Arbitration and Litigation is that you get to choose your Arbitrator and you get to pay your Arbitrator.  The other difference is that you can control the timing of the Arbitration Process and are able to maintain privacy and confidentiality which is otherwise unavailable to you in Litigation.

In many ways, therefore, Arbitration is still (in this author’s opinion) a process of last resort, after you have done everything in your power to amicably resolve your case.  However, if you are unsuccessful in settling your case, Arbitration is still more ideal than Litigation, if you can afford it, because it provides you with more control over the process and can be accomplished in a more relaxed (and hopefully less hostile) atmosphere.

David Cardamone