Collaborative Divorce--Values and Benefits

The Collaborative Divorce Process was established based upon a clear recognition that the court room setting is not well suited to meeting the needs of parties, especially in relation to the emotional issues which are pervasive in divorce.  As a result, there are certain values and benefits which define the Collaborative Divorce Process and which provide a foundation for ensuring its success.

The Values which are at the heart of a Collaborative Divorce include:

·       Mutual Respect and Transparency—a belief that your own needs and the needs of your partner deserve equal consideration and that sharing information is of paramount importance

·       Common Goals—a desire to work cooperatively to find solutions that work for the good of you, your spouse and your children

·       Team Work—Collaborative Divorce is a team-oriented process, incorporating the parties, their attorneys and other professionals to maximize the parties’ resources

·       Personalization & Creativity—the ability to craft solutions for your particular needs, producing a better outcome for all parties involved

The Benefits to pursuing a Collaborative Divorce include: 

·       Maintaining Control, Planning for Your Future and Customizing Solutions—make your own decisions and incorporate your short-term and long-term needs into the final agreement

·       Reduced Costs—maximize the benefits of the team-oriented approach and avoid duplicative costs and expenses which provide limited value to the final outcome

·       Less Bitterness—avoid creating wounds that may never heal

·       Quicker Results—complete the process on your schedule and eliminate unnecessary tasks and bureaucratic delays

Quite simply—Collaborative Divorce is an ideal course if both parties want to avoid litigation, maintain family harmony and generate creative solutions.  It is underscored by the understanding that you were partners—even if not good ones—throughout your marriage and you are partners in your divorce. 

David Cardamone