You Want a Divorce—Now What?!?!

The First Step is Choosing the Right Process—NOT Hiring an Attorney

For most people, their initial thought after making the decision to pursue a divorce is:  “I have to hire an attorney”. 

But what if hiring an attorney is really the 2nd thing you should be thinking about? 

What if you should really be considering HOW you want to pursue the divorce before you consider WHO you want to represent you?

The reason the HOW should come before the WHO is really quite simple:  there are many qualified attorneys to choose from—which limits the “consequences” and variability in making this decision--whereas there are really only 3 choices for HOW to pursue a divorce—and the implications and “consequences” in making this decision can be quite stark.

So what are your choices?

Option 1:  Traditional Divorce Litigation

Option 2:  Collaborative Divorce Process

Option 3:  Private Mediation

To be clear, there are permutations within these general categories (for example—when you litigate, you will almost certainly end up attempting mediation and within the Collaborative Divorce Process you can hire a mediator or an arbitrator)—but these reflect the options available to you in making your initial decision.

Over the next few weeks, I will explore the Pros and Cons, Myths and Truths of each of these options in further detail—but for a more immediate review of each please refer to my website:

David Cardamone